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Updated 12/03/2022

mix breed Dog aged 5 years

Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 3 years

This pretty, polydactyl girl is a whole lot of fun. She enjoys toys and exploring. While she can be affectionate, she also enjoys her alone time. She is spayed and UTD on shots. Margaux would prefer to be a one and only, as she likes the attention on her.
Tabby Cat aged 2 years

Aspen is a cool little guy, he's mellow and sweet, but when new people come to visit the cats, he quietly comes to the front of his cage to see if it's going to be his chance for a family. He loves being pet, which is good for us all because he's so soft and purrs like a motorcycle! He's FIV+, which just means that his immune system isn't as strong as it should be, but with regular vet care, they can live as long and healthy a life as much as any other cat!
Dilute Calico Cat aged 10 years

Looking for a calm couch potato friend? Natalie is a simple, low-maintenance girl - all she wants is a quiet home, comfy bed, and some wet food and she'll be a happy kitty. She likes very much to be pet as long as you are gentle - no heavy-handed pushy people for her, thank you!
Domestic Short Hair-gray Cat aged 10 years

Description of pet
Imagine you're the baby, and then an actual baby comes and your family decides they don't want you anymore. That's just what happened to poor Yoda. We can't imagine not having the time for him - he's sweet, mellow, and affectionate! We'd love nothing more than for this handsome gent to find his forever home <3
Domestic Short Hair-black Cat aged 1 year

Little Farrah has the cutest meow, which she uses excitedly when someone comes to see her. She was super scared when she first came to us, but settled in nicely. She's turned into a sweet, friendly cat who loves to be pet!
Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 4 years

Lula is very extra. She's got extra toes, extra love to give, and an extra big personality! She loves greeting people as they walk by, and is extremely outgoing and friendly.
Tuxedo Cat aged 7 years

Poor Churro was left in a carrier on our porch, which means she at one point had a home. At least her owners cared enough to bring her to us, and she is the sweetest girl, so we're sure she was loved. She's so mellow and affectionate, and anyone would be lucky to add her to their family!
Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 7 years

Sweet Fairview was left in a carrier on our porch. Though she comes across as shy, she is so sweet and loves being pet - she'll even bump against your hand for more!
Terrapin aged 10 years

Pit Bull Terrier/mix breed Dog aged 1 year

Let us start out by saying Mack is a good boy – he’s very sweet and LOVES meeting and playing with people! He is also a teenage-ish boy with LOTS of energy who has had no previous training, so he’s very puppy-like, which is not necessarily a bad thing :-) He just needs work on his basic manners, and would do great with an active family who can tire him out!
Husky Dog aged 4 years

We can’t believe there’s not a family missing this great guy! Garrett was found running at large (as huskies do!) and we all quickly fell in love. He so friendly and cuddly, and loves playing with toys and giving lots of kisses! We’ll miss him when he gets adopted, but he definitely deserves a home of his own!
Domestic Short Hair-black and white Cat aged 1 year

Daisy was a great mom to her 7(!) babies, but her kitten-rearing days are over and she's looking for a home of her own. She's mellow and sweet, and always has a soft hello meow ready for everyone that comes in!
Domestic Short Hair-black and white Cat aged 7 months

Indigo can be a little quiet and shy, but he really is a sweet, playful dude
Tabby Cat aged 9 months

Pinky is cuddly and lovey, and quite pretty too!
Daisy May
Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 5 years

Sweet Daisy May was left on our porch with just a note with her name on it. We're sure she must have been loved because she's such a calm, friendly, sweetheart of a kitty, who just needs a soft bed (or lap), and lots of love!
Pit Bull Terrier Dog aged 4 years

The heart on Hope's nose perfectly represents her because, guys - she is SUCH a love! She's always ready to greet you with a wagging tail and a wiggly butt, and loves giving kisses!
Tabby Cat aged 6 months

Tabby Cat aged 6 months

Habanero was a bit spicy when she first came in (get it?), but once she realized we had nothing but love for her, she started to come around. She can be a bit shy at first, but she likes being pet!
Cane Corso Mastiff Dog aged 6 years

This big dude is warm, smooshy, and comforting - so what else could we name him but Meatloaf? He's sweet and gentle, and such a good boy!
Tabby Cat aged 23 weeks

Domestic Medium Hair-black Cat aged 21 weeks

Doc Brown
Guinea Pig aged 1 year

Marty McFly
Guinea Pig aged 1 year

Pit Bull Terrier Dog aged 4 years

Everyone at the shelter is in love with Oliver; and for good reason – he’s SO sweet and a real cuddlebug. He loves resting his head on your lap and being brushed. He’s not great at being a dog yet – he has no idea what toys are for, which breaks our heart to think of what he must have come from. Despite loving us and everyone he meets, he does not love being in a shelter and is stressing himself out, so we need to find this sweetheart his perfect forever home!
Tabby Cat aged 4 years

We weren't sure how McIntosh was going to do here, since he was so frightened in the beginning, but he really fortunately surprised us with how well he's adjusted! He's still reserved - he's not the type to reach for you through his condo bars - but when you reach in his cage he's more than happy to accept chin and head scratches, and likes to rub his head against your hand
Honey Crisp
Tabby Cat aged 4 years

Domestic Short Hair Cat aged 5 years

Rain was left on our porch in carrier. There was no note, but whoever had him must have loved him because he is such a sweet boy who loves belly rubs!
Hound/mix breed Dog aged 6 years

Honey’s big smile just shows you how much this fun pup loves life. She’s got a great disposition – has a blast playing in the yard, enjoys going for walks, and is just the friendliest little girl. She makes friends wherever she goes!
Domestic Short Hair-black Cat aged 17 weeks

Tuxedo Cat aged 17 weeks

Domestic Short Hair-black and white Cat aged 17 weeks

Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)/Poodle Dog aged 13 years

Toby was rescued from a hoarding situation after his owner passed away. He's very smart & super friendly. He's hard of hearing, but still alert and social!
Pit Bull Terrier Dog aged 4 years

Schnauzer/Pit Bull Terrier Dog aged 4 years

Hey Goose, you big stuuuud! He is a handsome guy, for sure. He’s a bit shy at first, but he’s also very sweet and warms up pretty quickly. Goose loves expending his puppy-like energy zooming around our play yard!

Updated 12/03/2022