Barbie - S2023448

Female Cat

Age: 1 year

Weight: 6.6

I am in foster: No (If "YES" please complete the application for this pet, then call to make an appointment)

Barbie - S2023448

Adoption Application

Meet Barbie, a delightful 1-year-old female black cat eagerly seeking her forever home. As a stray, Barbie left her Barbie world, but it is evident that she once belonged in a loving, possibly pink house. Her captivating ebony fur exudes elegance, complementing her endearing personality. Though initially shy, Barbie's heartwarming disposition shines through when she receives gentle affection and cuddles. The joyous purrs that emanate from her as she's being petted are simply heart-melting.

Barbie yearns for the comfort and warmth of a loving family once again, where she can bask in the security and companionship of a forever home. With her charming demeanor and gentle nature, Barbie has all the makings of an adored feline friend. Don't miss the opportunity to welcome this sweet soul into your life and provide her the love and care she truly deserves. Adopt Barbie and embark on an enchanting journey of friendship and love with this precious black beauty.

Dutchess County SPCA
636 Violet Avenue, 845-452-7722

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