Lulu - S20221014

Female Cat

Age: 13 years

Weight: 10.48

I am in foster: No (If "YES" please complete the application for this pet, then call to make an appointment)

Lulu - S20221014

Adoption Application

Meet Lulu, the Himalayan queen
Her eyes are blue, her coat pristine
She's shy at first, but give her time
And she'll open up, feeling just fine
Lulu loves being brushed and petted
But also enjoys being independent
When she's ready for some me-time
She'll let you know with a little sign

A quiet home is what she seeks
Where she can rest and be at peace
A warm bed is all she needs
To curl up and drift off to sleep
So won't you open your heart and home
To this lovely feline all alone?
Lulu is waiting for you to see
That she's the perfect cat for your family.

Dutchess County SPCA
636 Violet Avenue, 845-452-7722

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