Evie - S2022759

Female Cat

Age: 9 years

Weight: 12.92

Am I in foster?: No (If "YES" please complete the application for this pet, then call to make an appointment)

Evie - S2022759

Adoption Application

Introducing Evie, an elegant black cat eagerly seeking her loving new family. With her striking beauty and majestic presence, Evie loves to lounge in her favorite spot, calmly observing the world around her. Each morning, she enjoys warmly greeting her human companions and would relish the opportunity to cuddle up on a cozy cat bed to watch TV with her new BFF. While Evie adores affection, she also values her personal space and appreciates those who respect her boundaries. Do you have what it takes to offer this regal lady the royal treatment she deserves in a loving dream home?

Dutchess County SPCA
636 Violet Avenue, 845-452-7722