Cooper - S2022702

Male Dog

Age: 4 years

Weight: 69.0

Am I in foster?: No (If "YES" please complete the application for this pet, then call to make an appointment)

Cooper - S2022702

Adoption Application

Meet Cooper, a charming and lovable 3-year-old mixed breed dog who is eagerly seeking his forever home. This handsome fellow weighs a sturdy 67 pounds and has a heart filled with affection. While Cooper may be initially apprehensive around strangers, his warm and gentle nature shines through once he gets to know you. Due to his preference for solitude, Cooper would thrive as the only pet in a home, ideally with one or two individuals and no children.

Cooper's love for the great outdoors is truly remarkable. He is an ideal companion for those who enjoy hiking or running, as he possesses an innate enthusiasm for exploring nature. Cooper's active lifestyle greatly contributes to his well-being and aids in managing his anxiety, for which he is currently receiving medication. However, with the right environment and ample exercise, it is possible that Cooper may eventually be weaned off his medication, allowing his anxiety to be worked through naturally.

If you're seeking a loyal and adventure-seeking companion, Cooper may be the perfect match for you. Open your heart and home to this delightful dog, and together you can create a lifetime of unforgettable memories.

Dutchess County SPCA
636 Violet Avenue, 845-452-7722